Wolfman Knighty (born in 1974) is a fictional character from 24/7. He is played by English actor James Hooton.


Knighty isn't short tempered or hot-headed but sumetimes he has a temper that he has to control but he has a kind, loving and a supporting family. Knighty is friends with Daz and his mates. He clashes with another gang of three mates wile Daz was asking them why they spit on their chips. Knighty joins Darcy's club. He has a match with Youngy but when Youngy punches him Wolfman looses his temper and beats up Youngy. Darcy tells Knighty off for beating up Youngy. After that Knighty apologizes to Youngy and they make up.


Knighty and his family attend Darcy's funeral.

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