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Tim (born on June 11, 1975) is a fictional character. He is played by English actor Danny Nussbaum.


Tim joined Darcy's club before any of the other gang. Tim has to deal with his abusive hot headed farther who complains and acusses Tim of steeling his toothbrush. also has a rivalry with Darcy. Tim usually hangs out with his friends later on the gang finds Tim training in Darcy's boxing club. Tim's dad is dissing him about boxing telling him that he'd give up as soon as he realizes how much it hurts. Tim tries to explain to his farther what boxing is all about but his farther imminently yells at Tim and hits him. Tim is sweeping the outside of Darcy's gym and then Sharon comes to talk to him, they talk about their past and about sex. Tim joins Darcy and the gang in Wales and he catches a fish with his bare hands.


Tim finds Darcy and reads his diary about their boxing club that they made four years ago. After that he phones everybody to let them know that Darcy passed away and that he's having a funeral.