Ronnie Marsh (born in 1950) is a fictional charicter in 24/7. He is played by English actor Frank Harper.


Ronnie sends his son Tonka to join Darcy's club and tells him that he can't go through life being fat and stuped after that Ronnie sponsors Darcy's team. Ronnie later on introduces Darcy to his Farther Jimmy Marsh and tells him that he will be the announcer for the boxing match. Not long after that when Sharon tells Ronnie what she and Tim were up to Ronnie jokes and tells Tim to leave women alone. Ronnie argues with his wife Sharon for bringing five bags for Tonka. Before Darcy heads of too wails Ronnie pays him extra Money. When Ronnie finds out that his name isn't in the article he gets angry, drives up to Darcy's boxing club. When Ronne comes to confront Darcy he mistakenly hits Darcy's head on the car by grabbing him. Sharon confronts Ronnie tells him to get some help. When they are in the hospital Ronnie apologises and tells Darcy it was an accident. Darcy puts a sign to the wall with Ronnie's name on it when seeing this Ronnie is happy but tells his dad not to sing. When Tim's Dad tries to stop the match Ronnie tells him that he should sit dawn and relax. Tim's dad insults him and Ronnie gets vexed while Jimmy stops him. Ronnie and his family leave the match.


In Darcy's funeral Ronnie teases Tonka about his girlfriend but Sharon tells him to stop.

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