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Gadget (born on April 20, 1976) is a fictional charicter from Shane's second feature "24/7". He is played by English actor Justin Brady. Gadget's looks and personality seems to be similar to that of Bolin's characteristics from the American animated tv series called "The Legend Of Korra".


Gadget hangs out with his mates by going hunting picking on the other gangs and playing football. His dad always brags about how he used to be a boxer. When Gadget and his friends go out hunting he finds a dead rabbit and tells them he killed it. Everyone didn't believe him and Knighty tells Gadget that the rabbit must have been dead for a month or so. Gadget joins Darcy's club called "The 101 Warriors".


Gadget is roommates with Youngy and attends Darcy's funeral. While there at the funeral Gadget tries to ask Youngy about the sex noises coming from his room.