Weisly Fagash (born December 21, 1975) is a fictional charicter in 24/7. He is played by English actor Mat Hand.


Fagash joins the gang as they go out hunting not long after that he goes home and smokes when Darcy comes in he tells Fagash that he has to go to curt but Fagash tells him he wants to go to bed. They go to curt and Darcy convinces them that they should give him another chance.

Fagash thanks Darcy and joins his boxing club. Fagash comes to the club Darcy is angry because he sees Fagash smoking and pours water on him. At his house Gadget complains about his fish fingers and askes Fagash to give him £1.50. Yet again Fagash is on drugs and is uncouncious.

When Darcy came he helped Fagash and stayed with him after that he tells Fagash to stop taking drugs and lie down. Later on Fagash wants to smoke but then he stops and throws it away. Fagash is ready to fight his opponent on the boxing arena he swings but his opponent is winning, He knocks Fagash out and Fagash starts crying, he takes the ropes off his wrist and complains wile Daz, Gadget and Benny comfort him. and Not long after that when Darcy was taking Tim's dad out Fagash takes a chair and hits him Darcy tells him to knock it off.


Weasly has a wife and a son and attends Darcy's funeral.

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