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Alan Darcy (November 1, 1940 - April 15,1998) is a fictional charactor. He was played by English actor Bob Hoskins who passed away in April 2014. Darcy is an ex boxing fighter and he teaches the teenagers how to box.


Alan has already found three youths to box in his club now he has to find the rival gang. When he meets them playing football he makes them a deal telling them if they win he would leave but if they loose they have to join his club. Darcy checks up on Fagash and convinces him to join his club. At the court room Darcy askes the council to let Fagash go and join the club. Happy Fagash agrees to join Darcy. Roonie Marsh brings his son Tonka (whose real name is Carl) to Darcy's boxing club and agreed to sponser Darcy's club. They leave for wales and after training Darcy writes in his journal. When Darcy was in the boxing club Roonie was dissapointed because his name wasn't on the news paper and mistakenly hit Darcy on his car. Ronnie tells Darcy that he's sorry and they move on. Darcy finds Fagash uncouncious and helps him. Later he tells Fagash to stop smoking and sort himself out. Darcy gets ready for the match. He encourages his team. When Tim is ready to box his dad tries to stop it. Not long after that Darcy tells Tim's dad that he ruined everything, Tim's Dad slams Darcy to the wall and yells at him witch ended up with Darcy beating him up. Tim's Dad laughs and tells Darcy he's lost his temper and threateneds to hurt someone. So Darcy beats him up but his victory isn't something to be celebrated. Feeling ashamed of himself, Darcy leaves.


Tim finds Darcy in his broken down place not long after that Darcy dies and Tim calls everyone to come with him to the funeral.